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Peace of Mind
We know that you care about your family, your friends, your clients and your patients.  
Let’s bridge the divide and give you peace of mind.

Precious Connect
Your little one deserves the best, and you deserve some mental rest.

Precious Connect is a soft silicone band that your baby can wear as an anklet or a bracelet.  Sensors monitor your child’s location and if they are okay, sending the information directly to your phone..  The bands are interchangeable, so mama has the flexibility to match her baby’s outfit or her taste for the day.
Precious Connect Pro
Keep track of the students at your school, camp, or tournaments.

Offer rental bands at your amusement park, play land, zoo, or on your cruise ship.

Precious Connect Pro delivers location and and okay/not okay status to your teachers, leaders, or parent patrons. 
Precious Connect Next
A growing child means changing needs and Precious Connect Next  is the solution for your child over 4 years old.  With more features, you’ll love the security you’ve loved with Precious Connect, and your child will love the games and activities they can access with Precious Connect Next’s fun online interface. 
Finally, I can enjoy my time out instead of worrying nonstop.
I just want one.
I like how it let’s you parent, even if you are at work or the gym.
Status Connect
Your business needs to track adults’ location and safety.  Let us help.

Senior care services to first responders, Status Connect is the solution for all your adult tracking needs.  With bands to suit your use and tech that delivers across the board, we are thrilled to help you help them.
MedCheck Connect
Contact us to learn more about the medical device we are developing.