At Connect Wolf, we take our commitment to ethical participation in the greater business landscape, society, and world seriously.  This is how we meet that commitment.

Action Plan for Ethical Infrastructure

Identify & Live our Values

Connect Wolf Values
Everything in our Ethics Action Plan comes from dedication to our values. Watch for updates- Our team will be elaborating on what each of these means to us.

Value Focus
Clarity – Care – Consideration – Security
From deep-dives into what our values look like in action, we’ve identified these 4 value-based focus areas for interacting with our customers, with our business partners, and among our own team.

Time Cycle

We have a full-day all-employee ethics review of ethical questions raised over the past year, both in our work and in our industries. We workshop our responses to these questions and our other ethical infrastructure processes

An Ethics Review Board reviews any ethical points made by our internal team, review in-progress and planned work on our part, and submits recommendations and challenges

Our team has a focus on one value each month and discusses the value and how it plays out in our work

An Ethics channel devoted to discussion of concerns is always open to receive feedback and is reviewed at least weekly by leadership, quarterly by the ethics review board, and yearly by the entire company

Project Cycle

Project proposals include a check-in field with each company value

 Stage Gates
Stage gates for project life cycles include an assigned Ethical Dilemma reviewer sign-off to proceed


Our commitments to and priority on ethics and our values are clearly stated in all job postings, applications, and at least 10% of interview time is spent on these topics.

All new team members receive a copy of our action plan and have an informational ethics training session on their first day with the content of our values and ethics 101.  Their second week they have an ethics training session on procedural ethics at our company including our ethics infrastructure action plan, and how to ask questions about ethical dilemmas in our system.  Their third week, they have an ethics training session with the team where they engage in a discussion of our ethics program and how we can improve it and any ethical dilemmas they want to discuss.

Doing Business

Ethics Agreement
An ethics agreement specific to each contract is included when dealing with other organizations

Ethical Diligence
Before entering into a business agreement with another organization, an assigned ethics reviewer investigates and signs off on them as consistent with our values or flags the deal for reconsideration

Motivation and Focus

At our yearly overview, we publically offer awards for ethical queries and value-inspired behaviors

Leadership is trained to recognize and publically share appreciation for ethical queries and value-inspired behaviors

Metrics for review, promotion, and compensation increases include ethical queries and value-inspired behaviors

If you have any questions or considerations on ethics you would like to bring to us, please feel free to contact us.
We welcome outside insights!