Applications for the spring program are due
Friday, March 19, 2021
Apply Here

Program is Monday, May 24, 2021 – August 13, 2021

About the Program
We craft the curriculum to the students’ experience, interests, and goals. People who benefit most from working with us are kind, curious, and interested in the start-up vibe.

All majors are welcome – we consider engaging students with broad interests a challenge for our creativity and will connect you with a mentor for your area and help you build a project with us.  Specific niches that we could easily build an internship around this afternoon now are:
•Start-up founder CEO/CTO overlay track
•Medical Research Applications
•Medical AI
•Maternal Health & Medicine
•Biometric Database Engineer
•IoMT Design for Manufacturing
•App Design
•UX – App to Product to Packaging
•Digital marketing
•Business Analytics
•Connected Life: Smart Home, Family Tech, & Baby Tech

Creative Compensation
We are generally opposed to unpaid internships (and aren’t in a place to offer paid ones), but have found that in a complex world, sometimes this is the best fit for someone needing it, so here we are.
1. We pay for Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Test
2. We revamp your resume with the new experience you have
3. We offer flexible hours and commitments as appropriate to accommodate other work and class schedules.
4. We give you a toolkit of files and forms developed internally for managing regulatory, quality, operations and projects to take with you to future roles.