Connect Wolf Intern: Sarah Sha

Carnegie Mellon University 
Security Policy and Management

Sarah is currently a master’s student in the Information Security Policy and Management program at Carnegie Mellon University, and she earned her bachelor’s in computer science from Indiana University. She aims to have a career in product security, and her aspiration largely stems from her desire to help ensure and maintain user trust in technology. At Connect Wolf, she leads a team of three people to research relevant laws and regulations to ensure compliance. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys bouldering and completing puzzles.

Privacy, Consent, & Compliance Team

Compliance Project

  • Brainstormed relevant regulations and authorities/agencies that would control the product, app, and components of the product and app 
  • Created spreadsheets with notes for different regulations 
  • Coordinated with materials science team and software design team to confirm materials compliance and create consent language for parents 
  • Researched and recommended internal and external communication standards for compliance

An Ethical Challenge of Personal Data in Baby Tech

An article by Sarah

Sarah on LinkedIn