Connect Wolf Intern: Chantal Alano

Carnegie Mellon University 
Material Science & Engineering

Privacy, Consent, & Compliance Team Project

How are Ethics Addressed in the Baby Tech Industry?

Chantal’s article looking at the ethical challenge we take on
Marketing & Website: Chantal Alano

Chantal Alano is studying at Carnegie Mellon University as a double major in material science engineering and biomedical engineering. In the long term, she’s hoping to work in the biomedical or biotechnology industry. Specifically, she’d like to work in the research and development of biomedical devices. She has a special interest in regenerative medicine because of research she has worked on Carnegie Mellon, which involves using stem cells to regenerate soft tissue. She wants to work as a biomedical engineer because she wants to make people’s lives better, and better their standard of living. She has also seen firsthand how family members have benefited significantly from recent breakthroughs in biomedical engineering, which has also contributed to her desire to work in the field. In her free time, she likes to play guitar and learn new songs, because she gets to see herself progress and become a better guitar player. Her favorite style of guitar is fingerstyle guitar, and her favorite song to play is Cherry by Harry Styles.


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Connect Wolf Intern: Yifan Huang

Yifan Huang

Carnegie Mellon University 
Information Networking

Yifan Huang is a current graduate student at Information Networking Institute (INI), Carnegie  Mellon University (CMU). He is pursuing his master’s degree in an elite program, Master of  Science in Information Networking. After graduation, Yifan plans to be a software engineer concentrating on full-stack software development. In high school, Yifan started to be fascinated by the logic flows of various algorithms and the beauty of the coding language. As a result, he has a solid belief that technology is the most effective way to make the world better. Specifically, he is always looking forward to leveraging the most advanced techniques in Computer Science to tackle the challenges in people’s lives. 

An Ethics Challenge: Stop Privacy Protection from Impeding the Development of Baby Tech

Yifan’s article on an ethics challenge we face

During his spare time, Yifan likes traveling, playing video games, and photographing. He always enjoys the freedom and energy from nature while hiking in different national parks. Yellowstone is Yifan’s favorite tourist spot.

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Connect Wolf Intern: Sarah Sha

sarah's photo

Carnegie Mellon University 
Security Policy and Management

Sarah is currently a master’s student in the Information Security Policy and Management program at Carnegie Mellon University, and she earned her bachelor’s in computer science from Indiana University. She aims to have a career in product security, and her aspiration largely stems from her desire to help ensure and maintain user trust in technology. At Connect Wolf, she leads a team of three people to research relevant laws and regulations to ensure compliance. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys bouldering and completing puzzles.

Privacy, Consent, & Compliance Team

Compliance Project

  • Brainstormed relevant regulations and authorities/agencies that would control the product, app, and components of the product and app 
  • Created spreadsheets with notes for different regulations 
  • Coordinated with materials science team and software design team to confirm materials compliance and create consent language for parents 
  • Researched and recommended internal and external communication standards for compliance

An Ethical Challenge of Personal Data in Baby Tech

An article by Sarah

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Connect Wolf Intern: Isabel Joyce

Isabel Photo

Carnegie Mellon University 
Material Science and Engineering
Biomedical Engineering

Client Engagement Project for Bioengineered Product

Career Goals 
Isabel likes to work in teams and enjoys helping others. Her long term career goals are to either work on medical devices or clinical research so she can have a positive impact on others. 

What’s Her Why?
It’s important to help others and to be part of a biological or biomedical field that would allow her to make life-improving products. 


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What else does she do?
She enjoys reading in her spare time. If she isn’t reading an entertaining fictional story, she is learning about real events – both past and current – so she can apply it to her work.  She joined the CMU rowing club where she can compete in races while building strong relationships with her teammates. 

Isabel Joyce is a Materials Science & Engineering student with a minor in Biomedical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Though most of her time is spent towards her classes and research, Isabel is dedicated to learning new things outside of the classroom as well. In her free time, Isabel likes to read books of various genres and topics, to help expand her world view. She is also an active member of her school’s rowing team, where she held the role of Recruitment Chair on the board for two years and is now a part of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Isabel plans on applying the skills and knowledge she’s obtained from her education and extracurriculars to her future career in the biomedical and public health field, so she can be a strong team player and create a positive impact on others.

Dementia Research

This summer I began my internship trying to find out if there were any applications this product could have for families with dementia patients. The idea behind this is that dementia patients tend to wander, without really realizing where they may be going or without regard for safety, which can concern family members. The issue with this project was that during COVID-19, it was difficult to get in touch with clinicians and senior care center workers because the elderly population is so severely affected by this virus. I did get in touch with a dementia clinician and a social worker, who confirmed my initial thoughts that the device would be useful for families with dementia patients. The one issue they both confirmed is that it may be difficult to get dementia patients who are in denial, to be comfortable wearing a wristband monitoring their location and well-being. Dementia patients who are more accepting of their condition would be more likely to accept wearing the wristband. 

If the future of this product is to be inserted in clothes, then it may be more applicable to most dementia patients. I only interviewed two people, so it may be worth it to interview more people. Perhaps going directly to the families who take care of family members with dementia to discover their needs. 

Writing for the App

Because the dementia project was really slow moving, I decided to move on to another project. I’ve been writing little pieces of information for the app. Most of what I’ve been writing has been on parenting tips & tricks and child development, all the information is routed in either the child psychology class I took the previous semester, or research papers I’ve been reading on child development via Science Daily and other sources of information. I haven’t been trusting any random news sources because I’ve found a lot of the information isn’t 100% accurate. 

My idea for the app, and I’ve talked to Yifan about this, is having a section for moms to communicate with each other and a section of educational info (like what I’m writing) in a Quora-style kind of format. 

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