Connect Wolf Intern: Chantal Alano

Carnegie Mellon University 
Material Science & Engineering

Privacy, Consent, & Compliance Team Project

How are Ethics Addressed in the Baby Tech Industry?

Chantal’s article looking at the ethical challenge we take on
Marketing & Website: Chantal Alano

Chantal Alano is studying at Carnegie Mellon University as a double major in material science engineering and biomedical engineering. In the long term, she’s hoping to work in the biomedical or biotechnology industry. Specifically, she’d like to work in the research and development of biomedical devices. She has a special interest in regenerative medicine because of research she has worked on Carnegie Mellon, which involves using stem cells to regenerate soft tissue. She wants to work as a biomedical engineer because she wants to make people’s lives better, and better their standard of living. She has also seen firsthand how family members have benefited significantly from recent breakthroughs in biomedical engineering, which has also contributed to her desire to work in the field. In her free time, she likes to play guitar and learn new songs, because she gets to see herself progress and become a better guitar player. Her favorite style of guitar is fingerstyle guitar, and her favorite song to play is Cherry by Harry Styles.


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